Saturday, October 30, 2010

Waiting for a Table

So how long is too long to wait for a table? We were just told it would be 80 minutes, does that seem extreme to you? Well, we are sitting here waiting. I am happy though because the entertainment of watching people pull up and walk in only to run out shaking their heads is funny! We have seen all types and it is a riot, better than any comedy show or sitcom.

The latest is that the new entrants are being told 90 to 100 minutes. So let's think about this. If we leave now, go to the grocery store, get back home, cook and eat, will it be less than 90 minutes? But we would miss the fun!

So we wait. I am lucky though because the company is great and keeping me warm even though the air is crisp, my heart is warm. So here's to the Texas Roadhouse.

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