Sunday, May 5, 2013


In the final test of the new hosting server...great results thus far. Hoping to move all clients before the end of the day. Seeing improved performance.

Back to blogging....

There was a time when I was working to put something on this blog each day, but looking at the history of the blog it appears that I have not been doing such a great job. 

Now that we are past the "tax season" it's time to focus on working with clients in developing their businesses. One of the key business areas that I want to focus on moving forward is working with small to medium size business clients in building their business. I have learned that it's not necessarily the great accounting services that we offer that assist in client's business advancement, but rather the "business coaching" that assists clients in developing greater revenues, customer development, and other business enhancements. 

With my varied experience in the business realm, I have effective strategies to employ that will grow any business, refocus the concentration on core competencies and improve the business bottom-line. If you are interested in starting a dialogue about how to improve your business, whether you are an existing client or potential new clients, let me know and let's sit down together and build a success strategy. The only thing you have to loose is an opportunity to grow and improve your business, if you want to remain stuck in the mire of just holding on, then don't call me.

To everyone, have a great Sunday, take some time to say Thank You and spend some quality time with your family. Then let's hit the groung running Monday morning. I am ready to assist you when you are ready for some successful coaching.