Thursday, January 30, 2014

Pay for your Tax Preparation right from your Refund!

Here is a great product we are now offering our clients.

Refund Transfer
If you are expecting a tax refund, the Refund Transfer product is a convenient way to receive your refund amount. Whether you hire a tax professional to prepare your tax return or you prepare it yourself online, with the Refund Transfer you can simply pay with your refund, with tax preparation fees withheld from your refund amount.

Why Use a Refund Transfer?

Pay With Your Refund!
By selecting a Refund Transfer you can pay for tax preparation with your refund, with tax preparation fees withheld from your refund amount.

As Fast as e-Filing
Selecting a Refund Transfer does not delay the speed of refund disbursement. Once the IRS accepts your e-filed return your refund is available when the IRS releases it - typically within 21 days according to the IRS website. Choose whether you want to receive your money via check, direct deposit or on a pre–paid debit card*. You receive your money upon IRS funding.

How Does it Work?

Tax Return is Prepared
Begin by either preparing your return online using an approved software company or hire a tax professional that is partnered with TPG. If you are expecting a refund you may select a Refund Transfer from TPG.

Your Return is e-Filed
Your tax return (including our bank information) is e-filed to the IRS, and the IRS is instructed to route the refund through our bank. 

Receive Your Refund
Once we get your refund, TPG takes out all associated fees, giving you the balance of the refund amount either as a check, direct deposit or on a pre-paid debit card (check for availability).

The Refund Transfer offers a convenient and secure payment option that is not available to many taxpayers without using a tax refund-related bank product. If you don’t have a bank account, the Refund Transfer gives you access to the same benefits as taxpayers that have bank accounts. If you just want an alternative to paying up-front with cash or a credit card ask your tax preparer about the Refund Transfer.

*This card is issued by MetaBank™, member FDIC pursuant to a license from Visa U.S.A. Inc. TPG is a registered ISO of MetaBank.

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