Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Children and Money

The summer is a great time to teach your children the value of money. Let them start an allowance, but make them earn it and then make sure they cover all of their discretionary expenses. It will teach them the value of work and money at the same time. 

Fwd: Status of Refund Issuance

Update from the State of Delaware

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Subject: Status of Refund Issuance

Dear Tax Preparer,


You are most-likely already aware that this year the IRS delayed opening their EFile System by a full week. This delay also put the Delaware Division of Revenue a week behind our normal start-up date. As a large number of Delaware returns are processed through the IRS system first 68% this year the average time to issue a Delaware refund has risen.


As of June 3rd, the average time for Delaware to issue refunds is 19.5 days compared to last year's 14.7 days. Please know that the Division of Revenue is working diligently to process all refunds as quickly as possible.




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