Friday, October 29, 2010

Take some time away!

I have learned that sometimes you just have to take some time away to connect yourself to reality. I did say connect, I bet you expected that I would say disconnect, but I mean what I said connect. In today's world we are connected to so many things, our computer, our telephone, our blackberry, our internet, etc..., but how connected are we to ourselves and our core. We decided to take a few days to just leave town and get away from the normal routines. It was not easy getting here, we got trapped in a traffic jam that seemed to last for hours, but we made it and now I am just sitting here thinking about nothing expect me. We just got back from breakfast and I had to listen to a table next to us complaining about the political situation of this country. It was a normal conversation about the republicans and democrats, how both parties have no clue how to solve the country's problems. In fact, the astute Democratic old hag next us actually said that she wondered if "free speech" was even possible in this country for it to survive. Are you kidding me? Then I realized that what she was really saying is that she was so tired of thinking and expressing an opinion, that she would rather have someone speak for her. Wow, I finally figured out the problem with this country, it's not our leaders, it's us.

Last evening I was listening to Glenn Beck and I was driving and he spoke about the "I" and how the great "I AM" is the name of God in the Bible. He is right on. The problem with this country is that the people have switched from the "I" to the "We." Well, guess what, the "We" is broken because the "I" has left the building. It occured to me this morning that the resolution to the problems in this country is that "I" have not done my part. As I said in my blog entry yesterday, it's time for each of us to step-up, speak-up, rise-up, and get-up and get to work. It's time to stop looking to someone else or the government to come to our aid. When this country was founded our fathers were starting a republic that was working to leave the tyranny of Great Britain, a government that was controlling their entire lives. Well, guess where we are today, we're back to where we were before. It's time for a new tea party, it's time to throw the nonsense of government tyranny over board and it's time to take personal responsibility for where our country is going.

I challenge each of us to stand for what is right, stand for what is good, stand for what is Godly and stand for what is not politically correct or what everyone else is doing. Turn off your TV, click off the internet, throw your blackberry in the drawer and sit down with your bible, the US Constitution and your family and think for once. Don't listen to others for a few minutes and just ponder your life, ask for the grace of God to impart you with wisdom and then act on those thoughts instead of the company line. It's when we connect to our inner selves and the God above that we will really find the strength to make the changes we need in this country. Have a blessed weekend and take time to pray for our country and realize that you have the power to inact change because it starts with each of us, it starts with "I."

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