Wednesday, October 27, 2010

I am Mad as Hell!

I am mad as hell today! I just received the annual notice from my health insurance carrier letting me know how they intend to rape my wallet this year. I should have expected that it was going to be ugly since my broker had the forethought to send me a warning letter a few days ago letting me know that the annual increase would be coming my way. I was shocked to see the increase and now I am mad as hell! I thought Obama Care was going to reduce my health care costs, but my out of pocket expense has now increased 187% since 2005. In 2005, our $3000 deductible plan cost us just under $250 per month. Now our $10,000 deductible plan is going to cost just under $600 per month. That means that our potential out of pockets costs are going to be at least $17,200 per year. That is more than $1400 per month. Great Job Mr. President, I am grateful for the Obama Care Plan which is providing me with such great benefit. I really needed to shell out another $14,000 per year for health care. I needed to take money out of my children's pocket to pay for this coverage. I am just over-joyed that my insurance company is taking the screws to me. I needed an increase is cost, it's not like everything else hasn't increased in cost! I just filled my car yesterday and fuel costs have increased about a $1 per gallon under Obama. "Miss me yet!" George W would say, well yes Mr. W! I miss you!

I just don't understand what is driving the increase in insurance costs. We certainly don't go to the doctor as much since our costs are so high, we user over the counter medicines because of the cost of prescriptions. In fact, the last time I needed an antibiotic, the14 day treatment was over $175, for 14 pills! Wake up people! This is just the start, the plan to move to a "government" run health plan is already taking hold and it will not be long until we are all forced into the plan. Just wait and see what your insurance costs do or what your employer says about the sacred coverage. I will bet that you will be as mad as I.

It's time to throw all these idiots out of Washington and replace them with people with a concern for the American people and not there progressive nonsense. It's time to take your passion to the ballot box and strike them out with your vote. Obama Care must be overturned and we need some people to represent us before it's too late. Mark my words, if something doesn't change in the country we will all be looking around and wondering what happened to the American Dream! My American Dream will now be diminished monthly as I try to shuffle the budget to afford to provide insurance coverage for my wife and children.

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