Thursday, October 7, 2010

A special day!

Today I write a personal note to share the courage and strength of my wife and life partner. Just over 5 years ago my wife was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. We were all in shock. We had just started our own business and our two boys were just 4 and 7. My wife met with the doctors and they planned a strategy to fight the cancer. With faith in God and more determination then I expected, she fought the battle with surgery exactly five years ago today. I am so grateful today that she celebrates the five year milestone of being cancer free. She is the love of my life and her trust in God and her determination to overcome this is a testament to her personal strength and character. She is my inspiration today just as she was five years ago.

We encourage all women to get the necessary tests to check for this. It was a routine test which discovered my wife's cancer and we are convinced that saved her life. We at Saggio Management Group and my wife and I pray for all those who have overcome the disease, battle with the disease and those who have gone out fighting.

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