Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Tired of Political Ads!

I am getting really tired of the political ads whenever I watch television, listen to the radio, or look at the newspaper. I am firm believer in advertising, but when does this become an annoyance. I think that we need a better form of political debate. The commercials just make all of the candidates look desperate. This one said this, this one said that, this one did this, this one did that. The cruel truth is that the average voter will step into the voting machine and throw their hands in the air and will most likely vote down party lines or vote to throw them all out.

Last evening I heard a commercial where Chris Coons said that Christine O'Donnell believes that evolution is false. Well, so do I and so do most people who call themselves Christians. This is just what I am talking about. The average person hears that ad and what are they going to do with the information? The fact is that Chris Coons is a career politician and he realizes that his election to the Senate will ensure him further economic gain and will propel his career forward. Don't think for a moment that he is going to anything for our good. Just look at New Castle County and ask a county worker about their feelings towards him. I am not saying that Christine O'Donnell will not turn into a "normal" politician if she is elected, but at least we can hope that she will do as she says and the reduce the size of government.

This government is out of control and we need to take back the reigns of control. I personally ask everyone to vote for change, vote for someone is not afraid to speak the truth about God and vote for someone who is not going to just add another political feather to their cap. People of faith need to put their faith before their pocketbooks and elect representatives who share their views. This country was not intended to be a country separate from our faith, so don't be fooled by the political correct crowd. The founders of this country recognized the presence of God and our entire government is founded on those principles. I pray that God will make a change in this country and I pray that all of us will hold strong to our core beliefs and step out in support of our faith.

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