Tuesday, September 21, 2010

So, the recession is over?

I heard in the press yesterday that the current recession ended last June, are you kidding me? What kind of knuckle headed economist would have the audacity to even say this and what kind of reporter would even report that news? I look at my clients, many who are struggling and I know the recession is far from over. With unemployment still well over 9% I hear the economists say this is a jobless recovery, in other words, the poor economy is the new normal.

Well, it's not acceptable to me and it should not be the same for anyone else. The American

Great Article http://www.webcpa.com/debits_credits/Recession-Officially-Ended-June-2009-55656-1.html?ET=webcpa:e1033:160129a:&st=email&utm_source=editorial&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=WebCPA_Daily_092010

Dream is based on the ability of all of us to succeed with hard work and determination. It's time to return to that by eliminating burdensome taxes and reducing out of control government spending. This will lead to a true recovery with jobs and opportunities for everyone who is willing to buckle down and work hard.

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