Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Real Hope and Change

I woke today and the sun just seems a little brighter. For the first time since Obama was elected, I feel that we may actually be headed for real hope and change. The victory by O'Donnell against the establishment candidate Castle just proves to me that people are mad as hell and they want change in Washington. I hope this translates to a better environment for businesses. I truly believe that we need to return to the days where the reigns on business success are no longer tied down by the burdensome tax code. Let's all work as hard as we can to throw them all out and let's put some common sense in Washington. Let's return to a country where we can work hard and get ahead without the burden of government intervention. Let's all look at ourselves more clearly and work to improve our country by using the gifts we each have. Let's march on to November with our sights on rebuilding the American Dream. Do your part because their is no room for simple bystanders. Move on or get out of the way.

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