Friday, September 17, 2010

Do we really want to soak the rich?

All that I have been hearing for the last several days is how we need to give tax breaks to the middle class and soak it to the rich. I am very concerned that what we are seeing is an attempt to develop class warfare. It's easy for a politician to promote such a plan because they realize that the bulk of their constituents are middle to lower income. It’s also easy for the vast public to accept this since it comes down to, "It won’t affect me!" Well, it will affect everyone. The so called "Rich" are already paying an enormous burden of the tax in this country and to increase that tax burden is only going to lead to further damage to the already weakened economy. The truth is the "Rich" are the business owners that employee the middle class. If the "Rich" are taxed more, they will no doubt reduce employment levels and some may even decide to close their businesses all together.


I think it's time to take a look at reducing taxes for everyone and let's get this economy going again. I remember when Ronald Reagan was elected and he reduced the tax burden for everyone. It led to one of the greatest economic expansions in this country's history. It also brought hope to people who had suffered through the Carter years with unreal interest rates, gas lines, and despair. I remember Reagan saying, "It's morning in America." It's time to start a new day now also. It's time to realize that you cannot continue to lay the enormous tax burden on our people. Of course, this is going to require sacrifice because it is my understanding that the entitlement rolls have swelled to where 44% of Americans receive some form of hand-out. We need to take personal responsibility and fend for ourselves and stop looking to government to save us. I think that is the major issue. Everyone has their hand out, but nobody wants to pay for it. Tough economic times are ahead, don’t let the politicians fool you.


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