Saturday, September 25, 2010

Is the tax system even fair?

I heard this morning again how the Congress wants to cut taxes for the middle class, but they are divided over cutting them for everyone. I actually heard a commentator this morning say, "Why should Congress give a seven hundred billion dollar tax cut to less than 2% of the taxpayers?"

Well, the simple answer is that the two percent he was referring to pay almost 60% of the US taxes, so I say why shouldn't we give them a break. Those people are movers and business leaders in this country, they are the ones who provide jobs for the other 98%. It's time to wise up and realize that to solve our economic woes, we need to put some trust in the economic leaders who can actually make the economy work instead of those Obama academics who have never run a business or created any jobs. I really think it's time to throw out all of the members of Congress and send some common sense Conservative business friendly representatives. If we want morning in American again then we need to move all the ding bats out of Washington.

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