Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The official start of Tax Season!

Today is the official start of the tax filing season. Starting today we are able to electronically file your tax returns. We are ready to bring you the refunds you deserve. We have many convenient appointment times still available to meet your needs. You may go to our web site at www.saggioaccounting.com or call our office at 302-659-6560 and schedule your appointment.

We are also starting our "Ask Ralph" link today. If you have a tax or accounting question just send an email to ralph@askralph.com and I will provide an answer. I will even publish the answers to non-client specific questions. Here's the first question for today.

Question: I was wondering how long it takes to get my federal refund once my return is filed?

Answer: That is a great question. Once we complete your tax return and we submit it electronically, it generally takes 10-14 days to receive your refund. When you choose direct deposit, it's even quicker. File your return today and have your refund fast.

Here's another question:

Question: I would like to know the average costs associated with tax preparation.

Answer: This is a great question. According to a study I just read from the National Society of Public Accountants, the average price for tax preparation (Federal 1040. Schedule A and 1 State) in the Delaware region is $268. I have some great news regarding this average fee, Saggio Accounting+PLUS fees for the same return starts at only $200, and with our $25 discount for new clients, our fees are almost $100 less than the average. Of course, all returns are different and we cannot quote the exact expected fee, but I will assure you that our tax preparation fees are very reasonable and the results of meeting with a licensed professional accountant for a whole hour, will certainly exceed your expectations. Call today or visit our web site at www.saggioaccounting.com

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