Sunday, January 22, 2012

It's not a gift it's your money!

Question: Hey Ralph. Here is a question for you. How can those big tax preparation chains claims that they can get me a greater refund then what someone else can get? I just don't understand the whole refund thing.

Answer: I saw that commercial this morning from the "green" tax preparation franchise. I am sure everyone knows the Block I am referring to. I thought it was interesting that their ads now feature people openings envelopes which look like gifts with refund amounts written inside. This drives me crazy! A refund is not a gift from the government, it is YOUR money. I will never understand how someone gets so excited about a refund, when it's nothing more than the federal government giving you back your own money which was paid through your payroll checks each payroll period. Effective tax planning works to reduce your overall tax burden which is not necessarily a game of getting you the largest refund at tax time. When we effectively manage your tax situation, we set your payroll withholding to reach your tax liability and not a penny more. Why should the government take an interest-free loan from you. What sets our firm apart is our goal in not only preparing your tax returns, but also going the extra mile to provide a tax plan for the current year which will result in the lowest possible tax burden and may even give you more take-home pay throughout the year. At Saggio Accounting+PLUS, the PLUS is providing a framework for our clients to maximize their current year refund, but also to reduce their tax burden moving forward. It's no gift - it's your money and we will provide effective plans to help you keep more of it. It's tax breaks - without an act of Congress.

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