Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Insurance Cancellation

Well, I figured this would happen eventually. It's official, we received our health insurance cancellation notice in the mail. This is after the insurance company told me that they would not cancel my policy until my renewal next August. I figured this would happen so I already went out to the open market and found another policy for the family. Of course my current company is willing to give me a new policy, but the rates and deductible are a little higher. Well, in fact, they rate is tripled and the deductible has increased to $12,000 per year. Got to love the affordability of the Obama Care. I have yet to meet anyone who is saving money under this new scheme - must have heard wrong when the President said we could keep our current insurance and also we would see cost savings.

Here's the best part of all. For the past 8 years we have budgeted our medical expenses taking a hard look at each and every expense, seeking generic medications and always making a second thought of whether to go to the doctor. That all changes January 1, 2014. Since I am forced into a "better" plan, I plan to take full advantage of it from the very start. My deductible will only be $1800 for the year so it's going to be a race to get to my out of pocket maximum. I have already spoken to my Doctor and let them know that we will now require only brand-name medications, should probably get all those elective tests and when the sniffles hit on the weekends, here comes the Emergency Room. I just hope their are still doctors to meet my increased demand. If I have to pay for it, I will be using it.

Let the games begin!

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