Sunday, March 18, 2012

Fee Question - Moved from PA to DE

Hello. I moved to Delaware in September 2011 from Pennsylvania and need to have my 2011 taxes done, both federal and state. I sold some stocks, withdrew money from my Roth IRA. I normally did my own taxes, but with moving, selling stock, etc, I would rather have my taxes done by a professional. Is there any way to get an idea of an approximate cost range for having my taxes done?


We do not quote specific prices because it's impossible to determine exactly what work will need to be done to professionally prepare your tax return. Based on the information you provided, I can tell you that our base fee is $200, which includes the 1040, Schedule A, and State of Delaware return. In your case, you will also need to have a PA return, Schedule D and appropriate sub-schedules, and some other items relative to your IRA and moving. I will also tell you that we offer a $35 discount for new clients. We are certainly interested in adding you as a client so please call our office or feel free to schedule an appointment online. We look forward to seeing you soon.

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