Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Our office Move!

I visited our new office yesterday and it's just about done. The inspector from the Town of Smyrna arrived just as I was leaving to complete the "Certificate of Occupancy" report. The new office is really great. The new location is convenient to all of our clients and is really a little easier to find than our current office. It's just off route 13, south of Smyrna on Carter Road.

As you enter the new office you will find an expansive waiting area with ample seating and a very inviting new counter that has been enlarged to allow for our clients to review their paperwork right at the counter. We are really focusing on technology at the new office so you will see that even in the lobby where we have added a flat panel television for your viewing the lastest news.

Once you leave the lobby you will be directly next to the new receptionist work area. We have really expanded the work area for our receptionist staff and provided a large counter for clients to check-out when leaving the office.

Immediately to your right is our new Conference Room with plenty of space for our clients needing additional meeting room. Technology has also been a focus in the conference room with a media center for reviewing both video and PC based materials. We plan to add video conferencing in the near future.

As you walk towards the rear of the unit, down the main hallway, you will find two new rest room facilities, two water fountains, and four large work offices to accomodate our current staff and future room for expansion. You will also find our kitchenette.

When you reach the rear of the unit you will find my office. We have really added technology in my office and provided a great space for client meetings.

We are really excited about our new location and we are planning to make the official move on Friday July 15th. We will have mail service at the new office starting today, so we are in the midst of transferring mail to the new location. When you have time, make a plan to stop in and see our new space after July 15th, we look forward to serving you soon.

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